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User Registration

Simplify B2B rental marketplace registration and profile management for seamless transactions. QMarket's software empowers property owners with easy property showcasing. Renters find properties quickly with intuitive filtering. Streamline bookings and payments for a hassle-free experience, ensuring prompt payments for owners.

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Revolutionizing rentals, our online rental software empowers property owners to showcase properties effortlessly. The user-friendly platform enables easy photo uploads, detailed descriptions, and precise pricing. QMarket's rental solution streamlines property management, attracting potential renters with efficiency.

Build Your Marketplace Faster & Smarter!

Search Filter

QMarket's online rental software offers renters an intuitive search and filter system, aligning properties with preferences. Users effortlessly narrow down choices by location, price, amenities, and property type. This feature accelerates the rental process, helping renters find their dream property swiftly.

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Booking & Reservations

Enhance your rental booking with online rental software for a stress-free experience. This robust tool offers renters a secure reservation system, simplifying property booking within desired dates while ensuring secure payments. Streamlined for a hassle-free rental journey for all parties involved.

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Payment Processing

Our rental SaaS software provides a secure payment processing system that allows renters to make payments for their rentals, ensuring prompt payment for property owners. This feature streamlines the rental process, making it easy for both renters and owners to complete transactions and manage their finances efficiently.

Build Your Marketplace Faster & Smarter!

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How To Create A Rental Platform With QMarket

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FAQ QMarket’s Rental Marketplace Builder

Accurate Answers For Your Curious Questions.

Rental marketplace software is an online platform that connects people who want to rent something with those who have items or services available for rent. It makes it easy for renters to find and book rentals while providing rental businesses with a platform to showcase their offerings and manage transactions.
QMarket takes user data security seriously. They use encrypted passwords, secure hosting, and trusted payment providers like Razorpay, PayPal, and Stripe Connect to ensure payment data safety. Users can request their data and delete their accounts. QMarket is dedicated to safeguarding personal information and privacy.
The rental subscription marketplace handles cancellations and refunds by allowing users to cancel bookings based on defined policies. Refunds are processed according to these policies and returned to the original payment method. The software keeps users informed about the cancellation and refund status.
Rental marketplace software handles disputes between renters and rental businesses by providing a reporting system for users to submit their concerns. The software facilitates communication between the parties involved, allowing them to share information and attempt to resolve the dispute.
QMarket allows customization for colors, logos, content, and more to match your brand. You can also add custom scripts like live chat. User feedback can influence future feature additions.